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NASCAR Betting is Revolutionizing Online Sports Gambling

By Jay Horne of NASCARWagers.com

Over the past several years, online sports betting has become as prevalent as your friendly NFL fantasy football league. The undeniable increase in sports betting has become so palpable that is knocking on the front doors of the MLB, NBA, and the NFL. Through the ages, America’s top sports in the realm of sports betting has consisted primarily between baseball, basketball, and football while the rest of the world has laid claim to soccer as one of the most prevalent sports in betting. But what if I told you that the fastest growing sport in the betting world does not lie on a playing field, but rather in between a barrier of concrete walls and on a surface of asphalt? Take a look as we introduce you to NASCAR betting and how it is revolutionizing online sports gambling.

In the case of most sports, bettors are simply betting on a point spread and betting whether or not a team can cover the spread that bookies have placed. Bettors normally risk $110 to win $100 which is dependent upon the “juice” at your sportsbook and individual betting sizes. However in the realm of betting on regular sports, bettors need to win at about a 53% clip just to scrape a small profit. If you can manage to maintain a successful betting strategy, then there is the chance to sustain some long term success given you can keep picking winners at a successful rate. However maintaining discipline with a successful strategy and finding a way to pick winners above 50% long term is much easier said than done. There is a reason that sportsbooks make huge money and the reason is pretty simple; the vast majority of sports bettors lose long term.

However, NASCAR betting presents an entirely new style of sports betting which is more sustainable and manageable. Even if you are not a fan of NASCAR, you will be a fan of NASCAR betting. There are several reasons that NASCAR betting is growing at a rapid rate but the main reason is fairly obvious. In NASCAR betting, you are not betting on typical side winners meaning you are not betting $52.50 to win $50 or risking $220 to win $200 on a point spread. Instead you are selecting 3, 4, or sometimes 5 drivers to win future bets at odds ranging anywhere from 5-1 to as much as 150-1 odds. A single 25-1 winner on a given race can net bettors more than $2,000 bucks (for $100 bettors) which would take weeks if not months through most traditional styles of betting. In a sense, NASCAR betting is similar to horse betting in style but with much more data to be used toward formulating picks. NASCAR handicapping data comes from an array of sources such as prior race performances, team information, prior track performance history, practices, and much more.

In fact, the amount of data surrounding NASCAR races can be overwhelming if you do not know how to filter your resources. However, the rewards of being able to successfully handicap NASCAR races at just a semi successful rate can yield huge profits both short and long term. For example, last weekend was the opening races for all 3 of NASCAR’s top touring series. Our official race picks at NASCARWagers do not start until the 4th race of the season after we have time to adjust to new rules changes and see how teams have adjusted over the offseason. However, our unofficial picks cashed on Joey Logano winning the Daytona 500 at near 18-1 odds. We did not win in the Camping World Truck Series nor the Xfinity Series races that led up to the Daytona 500. Therefore in hindsight we only won 1 out of 3 races this weekend but still finished with +775 of profit because of the near 18-1 winner. In NASCAR betting, that is all it takes to be successful and just imagine the profits that will rake in during winning streaks.

Make no mistake about it, NASCAR betting yields some of the greatest profit potential in all of sports betting. However, you still need to know your stuff or follow someone that does. At NASCARWagers.com, we are the experts in NASCAR betting and are the most respected NASCAR handicapper in the industry. Our picks are 100% free and we offer daily NASCAR talk in our forums. If you are looking to learn more about NASCAR betting, looking for the best NASCAR sportsbooks, or simply want to follow our winning picks, simply check us out. Come see why NASCAR is among the fastest growing markets in online sports betting.


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