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Mobile Gambling Still Rare in the United States

With land-based bookmakers almost non-existent in the United States, and the federal government cracking down on many forms of online gambling until legal issues regarding internet gambling are resolved, mobile gambling and betting is still in its infancy in the America, and does not look to increase any time soon.

Given that around half of the total population currently owns and uses smartphones with internet capability, it would seem natural that there would be an explosion of mobile betting platforms in the US. But many online casinos and bookmakers are hesitant to offer their services to American players, as the threat of their assets being seized (as was the case with major online poker services like PokerStars and Full Tilt) is a large deterrent to entering the US market.

There are a few operators, both bookmakers and online casinos that offer mobile apps and platforms and also accept players from the United States, despite the risks. The list of these providers is quite small though. In the case of online casinos, the casinos which accept US players are constantly changing, and mobile casino options, if available at all, are extremely limited.

With sports betting illegal in most states in the US, many Americans turn to the internet for sports betting, and bookmaking websites which accept US players are more than happy to also provide online betting platforms. Some of the best and most well-known of these sites include PlayersOnly Mobile Sportsbook, Sportsbook.com, and Bookmaker.com.

Once the US federal government sorts out its policies and laws in regards to online gambling and betting, there will undoubtedly be a large uptick in mobile gaming options. However, the risk of providing the service is still too great, and mobile betting remains a rarity in the United States.


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