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Live Betting Yet to Catch on in United States

Live betting, in which bettors can place bets on a game or match once it has already started is a fairly unknown concept in the United States. Until the advent of the internet, nearly all sports bets were made in Nevada sports books, or through illegal bookmakers who rarely allowed bets once a game started. Now, the internet has brought more options for live betting, and Americans are only now starting to see the possibilities of it.

The idea of live betting has become quite well-known in the United Kingdom and Europe. With live betting, different bets appear as a game or match is played, allowing a full experience far beyond whether a team wins or loses. You can bet on who will score the next goal or who the next penalty will be on.

Traditional Nevada sports books allow for a limited amount of live betting in real life. If you happen to be physically present in the book during a game, you can place a new bet of a few things over the course of the game. At halftime of a football game, you can place a new bet on how many points will be scored in the second half, or who might win based on the current situation.

Other than those circumstances, it took the rise of internet bookmaking to really introduce the concept of live betting the United States. While not all international bookmaking sites with exceptional live betting platforms cater to US players, there are some that offer a range of live betting options to Americans, despite the fact that it is technically against the law.

US players who use 5dimes, Bookermaker.com or a few other sites have the opportunity to experience live betting for themselves. Live betting is a mainstay of Europe, but does not fit with the traditional American sports betting idea, and has yet to really catch on and become a fixture of the gambling world.


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