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Horse Racing Remains a Cornerstone of US Gambling Industry

Americans have a long tradition with horses, from the Wild West to the Kentucky Derby. And with the love of horses comes the love of horse racing. And you certainly can’t have horse racing without betting, which is easily available in many places in the United States.

Most horse racing betting is done through pari-mutuel betting system, where bets from many different racetracks and betting centers are all put together and the odds are adjusted automatically. Pari-mutuel betting normally takes place across state lines and connects dozens of different venues, although technically betting is regulated by the laws of the state in which the bet was originally placed.

There are two main places to bet on horse races, either in-person at one of the dozens of racetracks around the country (on-track betting) or at a location away from the race, either a different racetrack, betting lounge, or sports book which is simulcasting the race from the original venue (off-track betting).

While there is always the thrill of being at the track itself and seeing the horses run live, the vast majority of US horse race wagering is in off-track betting. These sites include lounges at other racetracks, casino sports books, and other specific off-track betting sites which may be legal in certain states.

Additionally, the growth of internet gambling and wagering, while still technically illegal at a federal level in the United States, has given people even more opportunities to bet on horse racing through the internet. While the off-track pari-mutuel betting has yet to take full advantage of the internet, it will no doubt be the new home for off-track betting in the future.

In the past few decades, low interest in horse racing in general has dragged down the interest wagering, with more and more young people lured by poker or other gaming opportunities. While still a large part of the US gambling industry, horse race betting may not have a future if it cannot find a way to attract new customers.


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