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Sports Books the Main Sports Betting Avenue in the United States

For most Brits and other Europeans, the concept of walking down the street to a bookmaker’s shop and placing a few pounds on a soccer game is as normal as going to the bakery and buying bread. However, in the United States, the idea of a legal bookmaker or betting shop is completely alien and unknown, as they simply do not exist in the US.

Despite the popularity of sports betting, very few US states have legalized the practice, with it currently only found in Nevada, while New Jersey recently passed a law allowing sports betting but it has not yet come into effect. Even with it being legal in Nevada, you still won’t see European style bookmaking shops on every corner in Las Vegas or Reno.

Sports betting is done is larger sports books, usually located in existing casinos, or on their own as larger entertainment centers. These legal sports books are typically quite large, with dozens of windows and thousands of different games and races available to bet on from around the world. Each book is usually run independently from others, so there are no large networks of bookmakers and each book makes its own betting odds. But you won’t usually find a large variance in betting lines at different sports books, as they are all quite large and handle a lot of money for every game.

Perhaps the trend of increasing deregulation of the US gambling industry will see the eventual rise of the corner betting shop in American cities. But with the large American sports leagues such as the NBA and NFL spending tens of millions of dollars every year to combat sports betting legislation, seeing a local legal bookmaker in every US town is probably still decades away.


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