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Become a Pro at Betting Odds

At some point or the other, we all do a bit of betting, be it at a horse race, William Hill football, lottery or different games for that matter. Betting odds are explained here in a simple way. It will definitely give you a better understanding and an upper hand when you bet on an event. These top betting tips will help you gauge and appreciate the art of betting so that you can guarantee winning and what you would win.

Understanding Betting Odds: If you want to compare the best betting odds you can choose this site linked and learn daily betting tips, you must acquaint yourself with the various terms that are used while betting odds. When you bet on something you try to predict the outcome, and you win money if your guess is correct. But there are only a certain number of outcomes for every occurrence. When you toss a coin, there is a 50/50 percent chance that it could land on heads or tails. Another example is rolling a dice, where there are only six possible outcomes. Similarly, while betting odds in any circumstance, it is necessary to keep in mind the possible outcomes.

Terms: Odds are basically the likelihood of an occurrence, which are analyzed by a bookmaker, who then accepts bets against these odds. The amount of money that you bet is known as the Stake. Odds against means that the money that is returned to you will be more than double the money you bet which ensures you a profit. These type of bets are typically placed for weaker teams because the odds are against them. Odds on means that the odds are actually reversed. So, you would have to bet more money than you would actually hope to win. When you bet Long Odds, the likelihood of winning a bet is low but the amount would be high. While in Short Odds, the likelihood of winning is high but the amount won would be low. Even Money is when the money you win is double of what you bet.

Once we understand betting odds, we can also understand open betting odds and compare football odds, with each team trying to score more bets. There are chiefly three types of betting odds:

Fractional Odds which are popularly used in the UK are known as British Odds. This type of Odds shows how much profit can be returned from 1 unit that is bet in contrast to how much in total will be returned from a 1 unit stake. The odds multiplied by the bet gives the amount that is won.

Decimal Odds are mostly used now-a-days. This type shows how much money would be won from a bet of 1 unit. This 1 unit could be 1, 10, or 100. It could be calculated up to 2 decimal places which makes it more precise. In this type of betting, the money that is won includes the money that was wagered.

American Odds or Money lines are calculated as positive or negative. They are based on a 100 stake. If it has a positive sign, you know how much profit you will make on that 100 stake. If it has a negative sign, then you will know how much you need to stake to win 100 on that bet.

Hopefully, this has explained betting odds to you and you can try the best betting odds over the weekend and guarantee yourself a win.


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