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American Bettors Don't Go Far Beyond Sports

It’s not uncommon for a person in the United Kingdom to stop by the local bookmaker’s on the way home from work and place a couple of pounds on a soccer game or horserace. But these small, common bets are not always just on sports, as many UK bookmaker’s like William Hill or Bwin offer all manner of alternative bets, and you can bet on just about anything.

There are all kinds of bets available: you can bet on the Academy Awards, on political races, on which celebrity couple will break up next, and so on. From time to time, bookmakers offer these bets as a fun way for the general public, not just sporting enthusiasts to get in on the action of gambling and betting.

To put it bluntly, this entire concept is completely strange and foreign in the United States. It is fairly common for friends to bet on all kinds of things in an information situation, betting a few dollars or a drink on what the next song played in a bar will be, or on who will win the next award during an Oscars party, and so on. However, the idea of placing these kinds of bets officially, with a legal bookmaker is bizarre for the average American.

Alternative bets such as these may be available on some of the online sports books which cater to American players, but for the most part it is simply not a part of the gambling culture. Legal Nevada sports books may occasionally set odds for things like presidential races as a fun example, or from time to time offer alternative bets as a promotion, the regular offering of these bets is rare. When Americans go to bet, they bet on sports in a big way, and leave the rest of life’s contests alone.


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